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John Flynn Girls Volleyball

Each college (aka dorm) puts together a team of people for 3 sports per semester.  This semester included volleyball, which I decided to try out for and amazingly made it as one of the starting 6 players.  We played against all the other colleges (6 of them I believe) in a 2 week period.  We had 9 people on the roster, 5 were Aussie, 4 American, and it was a lot of fun.  Amy took all of these photos when she came and cheered us on.

vb,-me-ball-bump.jpg (69026 bytes)

me going to bump the ball

vb-01.jpg (62663 bytes)

waiting for ball to come back over

vb-02.jpg (60556 bytes)

jane serving

vb-03.jpg (60058 bytes)

me serving

vb-05.jpg (63274 bytes)

christine serving

vb-06.jpg (61349 bytes)

jane going to hit the ball

vb-04.jpg (74306 bytes)

me waiting to get the ball i suppose

vb-08.jpg (73037 bytes)

jane and christine going to get the ball (lindsey looking very strange, supposedly blocking the sun from her eyes...)

vb-07.jpg (63213 bytes)

lindsey serving (also this background)

vb-09.jpg (66737 bytes)

lindsey going to bump the ball

vb-10.jpg (45998 bytes)

me bumping the ball

vb-team-half-time.jpg (67564 bytes)

halftime chat with coach jane

vb-13.jpg (76205 bytes)


vb-12.jpg (68978 bytes)

kate jumping to block

vb-11.jpg (72913 bytes)

me trying to salvage a ball that jane hit down, to no avail

vbgirls.jpg (86904 bytes)

most of the volleyball team (back row: christine, kate, clair, jordan. front row: me, jane, lindsey)

me-and-lindsey-ghetto-pic.jpg (62584 bytes)

lindsey and me being "ghetto" in our volleyball (aka basketball) uniforms

jordan-lindsey-me-dark-vb-p.jpg (60405 bytes)

jordan, lindsey, me....would have been a decent picture but the flash didn't go off, hmph.

Background pic taken by Amy of Lindsey serving, and I am standing there.  You can see Mt. Stuart in the background of the pic.

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