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Road signs, etc, that we thought were different or amusing in some way.  Oh, and I added a cone picture b/c I just couldn't resist and its such a cool cone (some of you will understand this more than others). 


walk-sign.jpg (58818 bytes)

walk/pedestrian sign

angle-parking-sign.jpg (35815 bytes)

angle parking, rear end in sign

give-way-sign.jpg (87168 bytes)

give way sign...Amy claims these are unique, but I could swear I've seen them in the states

wykickamoocow.jpg (52533 bytes)


speed-hump-sign.jpg (31998 bytes)


fish-don't-smoke-sign.jpg (68896 bytes)

fish don't smoke! i like this sign a lot!  this was by the sunferry that we took over to Magnetic Island

warning-submarine-cable-sig.jpg (65983 bytes)

submarine cable? ok, we have been warned.

koala-and-magnetic-street-s.jpg (122345 bytes)

koala sign! and its cool the street sign is magnetic st on magnetic island too. (also the background pic of this page)

possum-cafe-sign.jpg (67831 bytes)

i thought this was a cute sign

noodies-on-the-beach-sign.jpg (82758 bytes)

noodies on the beach...we ate there (not nude)

stingers-warning-sign.jpg (32261 bytes)

marine stingers warning sign

dick-wicks-magnetic-pain-re.jpg (35975 bytes)

interesting i suppose

cool-townsville-cone.jpg (48289 bytes)

one of my all-time favorite cones.  too bad it was like bolted down....j/k


strand-beach-report-sign.jpg (68937 bytes)

Strand beach report

reveg-yuck-sign-on-trail.jpg (81658 bytes)

revegetation yucky sign on way down castle hill


marine-stingers-diff-sign.jpg (101482 bytes)

marine stingers warning sign

marine-stingers-warning-sig.jpg (117451 bytes)

another marine stingers warning

no-fishing-sign.jpg (41035 bytes)

no fishing, no spearfishing

goat-track-sign-on-trail-on.jpg (80682 bytes)

goat track trail sign, castle hill

dip-sign.jpg (70109 bytes)

dip sign on maggie island

blueys-bush-and-beach-rides.jpg (45215 bytes)

Blueys bush and beach horseriding sign...we did that

amaroo-sign.jpg (38915 bytes)

pretty darn close to amy's screenname (amyroo)

wallaby-feeding-sign.jpg (64201 bytes)

wallaby feeding sign

strand-keep-off-sign.jpg (71097 bytes)

strand sign

trolly-shopping-cart-sign.jpg (49548 bytes)

trolly carts huh?


car-park-sign.jpg (11540 bytes)

not parking lots here

cassowary-crossing-blurry-s.jpg (41295 bytes)

blurry cassowary sign


speeding-has-killed-cassowa.jpg (23067 bytes)

another blurry cassowary sign (these signs were huge and all over the place!)

is-your-vehicle-and-propert.jpg (38093 bytes) cassowary-big-leg-sign.jpg (66125 bytes)

another cassowary sign (fat legs!)

do-not-climb-on-rocks-sign.jpg (37677 bytes)

keep off rocks

ramp-may-be-slippery-sign.jpg (20090 bytes)

slippery ramp

stingers-prevalent.jpg (80510 bytes)

who uses the word prevalent on a sign?? i wonder how many kids would understand that

tree-removal-sign.jpg (95596 bytes)

tree removal

wet-tropics-sign.jpg (52105 bytes)



caution-stinging-trees-sign.jpg (74917 bytes)

take this advice.

lots-of-places-sign.jpg (45913 bytes)

many direction sign (though dark)...which way to Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, Tokyo, etc.

the-dynamic-rainforest-welc.jpg (68964 bytes)

dynamic rainforest sign, welcome in several languages

roundabout-sign.jpg (69629 bytes)

gotta love the roundabouts

studying-sucks-sign.jpg (36789 bytes)

how true.

pedal-cycles-only-sign.jpg (59231 bytes)

kinda amusing


the-strand-street-sign.jpg (16851 bytes)

strand street sign

strand-sign.jpg (63967 bytes)

strand sign

strand-art-2.jpg (77839 bytes)

they like to paint everything.  they are actually very cute

strand-art-1.jpg (81547 bytes)


strand-art-3.jpg (70334 bytes)


danger-no-swimming-sign.jpg (40860 bytes)

danger no swimming

algal-bloom-warning-sign.jpg (53686 bytes)

algal bloom warning

no-cats-or-dogs-allowed-sig.jpg (85259 bytes)

no dogs or CATS allowed?

cafe-open-till-late-sign.jpg (35477 bytes)

its funny how no place has a closing time...its just LATE.

speed-limit-sign.jpg (94453 bytes)

speed limit sign (km/hr)

drive-on-left-in-Australia-.jpg (48796 bytes)

a reminder, though i'd hope you'd realize this before you find the sign

kangaroo-crossing-sign.jpg (62752 bytes)

kangaroo crossing sign

pay-for-parking-w-mobile-ph.jpg (38523 bytes)

pay for parking with mobile phone or coins?? advanced.

right-turn-from-left-only-s.jpg (87661 bytes)

right turn from left only.  seems contradictory.

hungry-jacks-sign.jpg (69558 bytes)

hungry jacks, aka burger king obviously

drive-at-walking-pace-sign.jpg (56936 bytes)


look-right-sign.jpg (74217 bytes)

reminder that you must look the opposite way first before crossing

fairylights-sign.jpg (58202 bytes)

yup, christmas lights are called fairylights

mozzies-sign.jpg (28701 bytes)

and mosquitos are called mozzies

rubbish-sign.jpg (82292 bytes)


exeloo-sign.jpg (57792 bytes)

exeloo...this was a cool bathroom in New Zealand, very interesting




Another not-so-easy-to-read of my background pictures, which has been lightened.  It is the koala sign picture from on Magnetic Island. 

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