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Reef HQ (reef aquarium)

We went to Reef HQ here in Townsville, which is the supposedly largest living reef aquarium.  It wasn't really the best aquarium I've ever been to, but it was pretty fun and we saw lots of cool fish and sharks and coral and stuff that we saw when we went scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  We also saw the IMAX movie 'Island of the Sharks,' and since I love sharks, it was very cool, especially since dome IMAX theatres are so awesome. 


me-in-old-scuba-helmet.jpg (53862 bytes)

me in old scuba helmet

amy-in-old-scuba-helmet.jpg (49026 bytes)

amy in old scuba helmet

aquarium.jpg (53359 bytes)

small very blue aquarium (this background)

baby-catshark.jpg (41546 bytes)

baby catshark

baby-catshark-again.jpg (34552 bytes)

baby catshark again

black-fish-with-orange.jpg (38992 bytes)

black fish with orange

blue-sea-star.jpg (74091 bytes)

blue sea star (exactly like one we saw when scuba diving/snorkelling)

blurry-blue-tang.jpg (67485 bytes)

blue tang (Dory!)

blurry-clownfish.jpg (63916 bytes)


bunch-of-blue-tang.jpg (38775 bytes)

whole group of blue tang. (can you imagine that many crazy Dory forgetful fish?)

clownfish-1.jpg (60618 bytes)

clownfish peeking out of anenome

clownfish-2.jpg (70580 bytes)

clownfish again

clownfish-3.jpg (69365 bytes)


crown-of-thorns.jpg (88805 bytes)

crown-of-thorns (very bad on Great Barrier Reef)

fish-swimming-overhead.jpg (49715 bytes)

fish swimming overhead in tunnel thing

lionfish-3.jpg (90532 bytes)

lionfish (if you touch, instant death, very scary)

reef-HQ-01.jpg (51159 bytes)

fish in big tank

reef-HQ-02.jpg (49277 bytes)


reef-HQ-03.jpg (65787 bytes)


reef-HQ-04.jpg (40127 bytes)


reef-HQ-05.jpg (31063 bytes)

fish up close

reef-HQ-06.jpg (45226 bytes)


reef-HQ-07.jpg (26740 bytes)

glow in the dark fish (this is real colors from the picture..not altered at all)

reef-HQ-08.jpg (32838 bytes)

fish, shark in back

reef-HQ-09.jpg (41437 bytes)


reef-HQ-sea-turtle-1.jpg (26519 bytes)

sea turtle

reef-HQ-sea-turtle-2.jpg (32502 bytes)

sea turtle

reef-HQ-sea-turtle-3.jpg (37278 bytes)

sea turtle

reef-HQ-ray.jpg (23164 bytes)


reef-HQ-sharks-1.jpg (38348 bytes)


reef-HQ-sharks-2.jpg (33758 bytes)


reef-HQ-sharks-3.jpg (37359 bytes)


reef-HQ-sharks-4.jpg (35591 bytes)


yellow-fish.jpg (48607 bytes)

yellow fish with blue lips!

little-orange-fish-swimming.jpg (65318 bytes)

orange fish

see-through-fish-swimming.jpg (42675 bytes)

cool see through fish

black-and-white-striped-fis.jpg (67850 bytes)

black and white striped fish

us-in-fish.jpg (68908 bytes)

me, amy, lindsey getting eaten by a fish

3-fish-girls.jpg (71723 bytes)


amy-in-fishy.jpg (56698 bytes)

amy in the fish head

This background is just a plain aquarium picture I took.

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