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Kirrama Rainforest Field Trip

My zoology class (ZL3042, Rainforest Populations and Communities), went on a 4 day field trip to Kirrama (a little northwest of Cardwell, Queensland which is north of Townsville).  We did things including a bird walk, dawn chorus (listening to the birds in the rainforest at dawn), mist netting, habitat classification, reptiling, radio tracking, small mammal trapping, frogging, and spotlighting.  It was really cool and I learned quite a bit since it was real life and not just lectures in a stupid classroom.  It was fun too, doing all this stuff and meeting more people and sitting around the campfire at night talking.  We saw and caught lots of cool creatures.  We didn't find the taipan (world's most dangerous and poisonous snake) that was caught in the field station backyard a few weeks earlier.  Some of these photos were taken by me and some by Amy (we were in different groups so may have seen some different things at different times, etc.).

brown-tree-snake-curled-on-.jpg (80895 bytes)

brown tree snake curled up


brown-tree-snake-going-on-g.jpg (75878 bytes)

brown  tree snake on ground

brown-tree-snake-in-tree.jpg (30918 bytes)

brown tree snake in tree

bird-in-tree.jpg (99384 bytes)

bird in tree

caught-red-brown-finch.jpg (77195 bytes)

red brown finch we caught in mist nets

birds-in-mist-nets.jpg (101853 bytes)

taking birds out of mist nets

person-holding-bird,-other-.jpg (83108 bytes)


putting-up-mist-nets.jpg (136069 bytes)

isaac helping put up mist nets

frog-stalking-cricket.jpg (80541 bytes)

green eyed tree frog (littoria genimaculata) stalking a cricket

danni-getting-a-frog.jpg (49956 bytes)

danni going to catch a frog that was spotlighted

genimaculata-frog-looking-a.jpg (44111 bytes)

green eye tree frog looking at me

genimaculata-frog-on-leaf-i.jpg (38143 bytes)

green eyed tree frog (this background pic)

genimaculata-frog-in-someon.jpg (22700 bytes)

someone holding a green eyed tree frog

fishing-spider-and-others-o.jpg (119349 bytes)

large fishing spider on bank

isaac-trying-to-compare-spi.jpg (50148 bytes)

isaac was trying to compare pencil size to the spider but it jumped away

large-spider-on-ground.jpg (92294 bytes)

big spider again on ground (we could see tons of spider twinkly blue eyeshine)

bat-harp-nets-w-frog-sittin.jpg (51406 bytes)

checking bat harp nets, only frogs on it though

two-mixafies-barred-frogs.jpg (56090 bytes)

mixophyes shevilli (barred frogs)

looking-under-tin-for-repti.jpg (96077 bytes)

picking up tin looking for reptiles

steve-caught-snake.jpg (89537 bytes)

steve caught a small eyed snake (poisonous)

gecko-biting-lindsey.jpg (35559 bytes)

lindsey (not same lindsey as other pages) getting bitten on the finger by a gecko

jen-id'ing-scrub-python.jpg (67522 bytes)

jen id-ing an amethystine python

little-skink-held-by-someon.jpg (66297 bytes)


taking-bird-out-of-mist-net.jpg (69585 bytes)

bird (this should have been above w/ the birds, oh well)

theresa-holding-large-skink.jpg (54604 bytes)

theresa holding and id-ing a large skink

small-eyed-snake-held-by-st.jpg (76082 bytes)

steve holding the small eyed snake he caught

lace-monitor-on-tree.jpg (108064 bytes)

lace monitor lizard on the tree (about 4 feet long)

lace-monitor-lizard-in-tree.jpg (142536 bytes)

lace monitor again

gecko-in-amy's-hand.jpg (43021 bytes)

amy holding skink

radio-tracking.jpg (104559 bytes)

radio tracking

jo-and-euan-the-rat-whisper.jpg (80083 bytes)

jo and euan with a rat

melomys-rat-in-bag.jpg (33691 bytes)

melomys rat

rat-after-being-released.jpg (86648 bytes)

letting rat go

rat-in-cage.jpg (63789 bytes)

rat in cage

young-white-tailed-rat-in-l.jpg (186626 bytes)

young white tail rat in tree

tree-across-road.jpg (93617 bytes)

tree across road that we had to take off before we could continue

fallen-tree-off-road-again.jpg (93835 bytes)

tree off road

creek-swimming-pool.jpg (111563 bytes)

people swimming in the creek (our only way to bathe)

swimming-area-in-creek.jpg (110907 bytes)


swimming-hole-area.jpg (90381 bytes)


teeter-totter-on-log-over-s.jpg (113237 bytes)

playing teeter totter on the log across a log over the creek


stinging-tree.jpg (93077 bytes)

stinging tree (do not ever touch...very bad)

worm-in-someone's-hand.jpg (45178 bytes)

little worm

smoldering-fallen-tree-trun.jpg (116660 bytes)

burned forest (recent fires)

looking-up-at-trees,-sky,-l.jpg (111904 bytes)


termite-mound-among-burned-.jpg (122489 bytes)

termite mound in burned forest

wrinkly-tree.jpg (70357 bytes)

wrinkley tree (kaurie pine)

where-trees-meet-sky.jpg (145143 bytes)


one-of-the-JCU-vehicles-(of.jpg (76706 bytes)

JCU white vehicle (one of 9 we took on the trip...trucks, utes, vans)

ben-in-hammock.jpg (116595 bytes)

ben is sleeping in the hammock

our-tent.jpg (111977 bytes)

our tent

JCU-field-station.jpg (87505 bytes)

JCU field station

ppl-hanging-out-back-field-.jpg (67379 bytes)

ppl hanging out back

fire-area-in-back-of-field-.jpg (116902 bytes)

campfire area

back-side-of-field-station.jpg (123036 bytes)

back side of field station


toilet-facilities.jpg (95984 bytes)

toilet facilities (yes, only two walls)

toilet.jpg (53638 bytes)

inside of toilet area

looking-forwards-from-toile.jpg (135239 bytes)

looking out while sitting on toilet

driving-down-road.jpg (45123 bytes)

driving back

This background I took when out frogging at night.  It is a littoria genimaculata (green eyed tree frog).

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