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Wildlife in our area

(Note: I apologize for this being hard to read, I can't seem to find a color that works well on the background I picked for this one, so I lightened the background, but its still not perfect.)  


Since this is after all Australia, there is an abundance of wildlife, all of which is new and amazing to see.  Whiptail wallabies wander around our campus (they like our dorm best b/c they water the grass here everyday, so they come to the oasis to feed) and they are sooo cute and some have their little joeys which are adorable, and they just sit around and eat and watch you and you walk right by them like 10 ft away and they don't care.  You can see between 5-25 on pretty much any given day.  There are common ringtail possums that come out at night, and they are much cuter than the North American opposum, which isn't too surprising, since they aren't related at all.  We see an occasional skink (lizard), and geckos serenade everyone at night and wander through halls and rooms.  They are quite cute as well.  I saw my first snake and it was dark with a yellow belly (Toby said maybe a yellow-bellied black snake), but I'm not positive if that's what it was or not.  I'll be steering clear of any snakes, since like all of them are poisonous.  There are tons of cool birds here as well.  Its strange to hear and see what we think of as 'exotic' birds flying around in the wild everyday!  So far I've seen parrots, lorikeets, white cockatoos, kookaburras, ibis, myna, gala, Australian brush turkeys, magpie-larks, magpie, magpie geese, bush stone-curlews, and a cute little owl.  Insects are also different and we've seen some very pretty butterflies, green (butt) tree ants, and some other insects I don't know the names of.  There are also flying foxes (fruit eating bats) that are pretty big and fly around.  I think thats about it for wildlife for now...I'll get to the reef and such on a different part!





bug-collage.jpg (35105 bytes)

a bug on my collage on my wall in my room

green-butt-ants.jpg (53269 bytes)

green butt ants (green tree ants)

gb-ants.jpg (26663 bytes)

more green butts

little-skink-on-wall.jpg (65241 bytes)

a little skink on a wall outside

gecko-in-hallway.jpg (33214 bytes)

a gecko on the wall in the hall

ibis.jpg (113598 bytes)

an ibis out back

two-wallabies-out-back.jpg (40379 bytes)

wallaby w/ her young out back

same-two-wallabies-out-back.jpg (91376 bytes)

wallaby w/ her young out back

wallabies-by-hanging-laundr.jpg (90379 bytes)

wallaby w/ her young out back by the hanging laundry

wallaby-w-her-baby-lounging.jpg (95874 bytes)

wallaby w/ her lounging young out back

wallaby-w-baby-3.jpg (115518 bytes)

wallaby w/ her young out back

wallaby-w-baby-4.jpg (92183 bytes)

wallaby w/ her young again out back

wallaby-w-baby-lounging-2.jpg (96285 bytes)

same again

wallaby-w-young-and-baby-1.jpg (207198 bytes)

wallaby out back w/ her approx. 1 yr old and her little joey in her pouch

wallaby-w-young-and-baby-2.jpg (167723 bytes)


wallaby-w-baby-out-back.jpg (146662 bytes)


wallaby-w-baby.jpg (396229 bytes)

wallaby w/ young on other side of building

wall-w-baby.jpg (88638 bytes)


possum-in-tree-2.jpg (51966 bytes)

common ringtail possum in tree outside my door


possum in tree again


cute-green-tree-frog-wants-.jpg (32465 bytes)

cute green tree frog wants a kiss from you!

green-tree-frog-held-again.jpg (7303 bytes)

amy holding green tree frog

green-tree-frog-in-amys-han.jpg (7877 bytes)


green-tree-frog-in-his-corn.jpg (40410 bytes)

isn't he cute?

wtwallaby2.jpg (107174 bytes)


wtwallaby5.jpg (60852 bytes)


wtwallaby11.jpg (121658 bytes)


wtwallaby14.jpg (102575 bytes)


curlews-with-baby-3.jpg (113254 bytes)

2 curlews very camouflaged laying across one another, looking out for their tiny baby

green-tree-frog-in-stairwel.jpg (41621 bytes)

green tree frog is back

wt-wallaby-2.jpg (80003 bytes)

wallabies out back

wallaby-by-no-parking-sign.jpg (55414 bytes)

by no parking sign

blurry-moth-on-red.jpg (25462 bytes)


wby1.jpg (77451 bytes)


wby2.jpg (94200 bytes)

wallaby with baby

wby3.jpg (87713 bytes)


wby4.jpg (84207 bytes)

i love wallabies

wby5.jpg (76560 bytes)

could you tell?

wby6.jpg (74854 bytes)

yeah, again.

wby7.jpg (101380 bytes)

big beat up male in landscaping

amy-and-rhino-beetles.jpg (35241 bytes)

amy with rhinoceros beetles

rhinosceros-beetles.jpg (34627 bytes)

rhinoceros beetles

gecko-1.jpg (27072 bytes)


seagull.jpg (89528 bytes)


seagulls.jpg (59815 bytes)

several seagulls...look pretty much the same as seagulls anywhere to me

cane-toad.jpg (48288 bytes)

cane toad...quite a notorious creature this bufo marinus

cockatoo.jpg (20686 bytes)

sulphur-crested cockatoo

cockatoos.jpg (94148 bytes)

more cockatoos

dark-rainbow-lorikeets-in-t.jpg (129286 bytes)

rainbow lorikeets in tree...unfortunately cannot see their brilliant colours

figbird.jpg (72958 bytes)

figbird in the tree

gecko-and-dragonfly.jpg (36166 bytes)

gecko and dragonfly

giant-fly.jpg (69528 bytes)

a giant fly

heron.jpg (38913 bytes)


ibis.jpg (69333 bytes)


koala-in-tree.jpg (122212 bytes)

koala in the tree

large-moth.jpg (24577 bytes)

giant moth

masked-lapwing.jpg (98593 bytes)

masked lapwing (plover)

several-ibis.jpg (103137 bytes)

more ibis

skink.jpg (41099 bytes)

skink...tricky to catch

skink-in-shadow.jpg (71438 bytes)

a cute skink peeking out of the shadow

walking-stick.jpg (68786 bytes)

a huge walking stick

wet-kookaburra.jpg (20307 bytes)

wet kookaburra on electrical wires, somehow doesn't seem right

kookaburra-in-tree.jpg (95199 bytes)

kookaburra in tree outside my window

kookaburra-on-fence-in-dark.jpg (21086 bytes)

kookaburra on fence in dark

magpie-lark.jpg (71117 bytes)

magpie lark

This background is another one of my pictures, and is of a mother whiptail wallaby out back of our dorm, with her approximately 1 yr old and her new little joey in her pouch.  

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